Herbs for Depression

Depression is a disease of the mind. In depression the brain chemistry will be affected. The symptoms of depression, guilt feelings, sadness, suicidal thoughts, lack of concentration, loss of energy, loss of interest in life, etc. If a person complies with these types of symptoms you should go see a doctor advice. The patient can be diagnosed in several ways, depending on age and situation. He can be treated with allopathic medicine, counseling, etc. But a better way to diagnose depression are also available. In this procedure the patient is treated with the help of accessories made from medicinal plants, which are present in nature. The advantage of using these supplements, compared to those with fewer side effects are other ways to treat depression. This treatment is inexpensive compared to other treatments. The herbal supplements, which are usually used to treat or depression;

1. St. John & # 39; s Wort: you can be taken in capsules, tea, oil. This increases the production of dopamine (a neurotransmitter kind) in the brain. This herb is very sensitive to sunlight. So care must be taken while this supplement. Appropriate exercises should be performed in the time to take this supplement to reduce the chance of side effects. St. John & # 39; s wort obtained in various combinations. Some of these are:

a. Lobelia /St.John's mash chemical combination is very similar to nicotine. But the main advantage associated with the fact that the non-addictive nature. The combination of 0.5 g to 0.5 g hypericin Lobelia. It is less expensive herb. It helps to increase from respiratory system.It is commonly used to get rid of their smoking habits, which is the main cause of depression.

b. Kudzu /St.John's wort: This product 1g hypericin 1G diadzin. It is used to treat alcohol dependence, which indirectly, the cause of depression.

Another popular herb is Kava Kava, Sam-E, ginseng, etc.

The herb increases

1. immune system: These supplements are generally amplify the immune system. Thus, the ability to fight disease, after which the effect is in the form of depression.

2. Brain: There are many factors, such as hypertension, anxiety, etc. The chemical composition creates imperfections in our brain by influencing brain. The use of herbal optimum supply to the brain, which helps to fight against unusual thoughts that could lead to depression.

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